SyntHera® enables you to exploit the synergies and syntheses from two tried-and-tested and powerful complexity management methods.

The management cybernetics methods of knowledge integration and networking (e.g. Wintegration®) that were developed by Stafford Beer are workshop methods that facilitate efficient and effective communication in large management teams. Heraklit uses a proven approach to guide you from objectives to strategy optimisation.

SyntHera® software combines both methodological approaches. The issues developed by Wintegration®’s moderated and software-supported iteration steps are adopted as target and environmental variables for the modelling and simulation software. The experiences introduced by the participants form the basic framework of the causal network. At the same time, the SyntHera® Scenario Manager is used to develop the agreed measures and action plan. Also during the SyntHera® event the initial key levers are identified. The SyntHera® Management Cockpit (which continues to be available on all Windows computers after the workshop) can then be used for the communication and monitoring of the agreed measures.


TheSyntHera® concept was developed by Dr Margret Richter, Dieter Ballin (MSc), Cedric Ballin (MBA) and Prof. Dr Falko E. P. Wilms. You can arrange events or methods workshops at the links below. If you are a training institute or management consultancy you can obtain reasonably priced user licences with no time or location restrictions (German and English).


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Literature and media information on knowledge integration and networking methods



  • Wintegration® – registered trademark of Dr Margret Richter
  • SyntHera® – registered trademark of KHS Know How Systems Ges. f. Berufsforschung u. Multimedia-Entwicklung mbH (KHS Know How Systems Association for Occupational Research and Multimedia Development Ltd), Dr Margret Richter, Dr Falko E. P. Wilms.