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HERAKLIT (pronounced „he-ra-kleet“) is the ideal software for managers, decision makers, analysts, and consultants who have to navigate in and steer processes of business dynamics, organizational changes, or other complex developments. Sustainable solutions are being created by drawing on modern system based methods such as balanced scorecards, dynamic scorecards, stakeholder analysis, value chains, etc. There are no limits to your thinking.

The software has proved to be a highly useful tool to support innovative thinking and collective learning, and working out sustainable solutions. Models, network diagrams, and scenarios can be distributed and presented to your staff or other stakeholders by using the HERAKLIT Player software. Thus strategies and decisions become more transparent and comprehensible.

In Germany, HERAKLIT is the market leading software and method for thinking in systems or interconnected thinking.

  • analyze, present, and simulate the impact, or consequences and effects of your decisions
  • visualize and document your ideas, thoughts, processes, and arguments
  • minimize the risks associated with your decisions
  • manage complexity, analyze cross-impact
  • identify your key performance indicators
  • identify the most influential factors in your business model
  • player software for communicating your strategies
  • draw up your causal networks, sign-graphs, mind-maps, and scenarios
  • optimize your strategies, budget processes, and decisions by simulations
  • review your action packages against your business objectives
  • or as an authoring tool for simulation and gaming applications in your e-learning activities

More about Heraklit


HERAKLIT is your method and software for system-oriented management and problem solving. Sustainable solutions are created by modern system oriented methods like balanced scorecards, dynamic scorecards, stakeholder analysis, value chains, strategy maps, scenarios, etc.

  • Already while setting the objectives you take account of different interests and demands (stakeholders).
  • By working with HERAKLIT your work team gains a holistic view of problems.
  • HERAKLIT promotes constructive cooperation and prevents thinking and working in silos.
  • Using HERAKLIT, you gain control of side effects, long-term effects and feedback loops of your decisions.
  • Even with tight budgets you use HERAKLIT to identify those actions which may have a high-level contribution to the goals.
  • With the Simulation Cockpit, you may communicate intended strategies to your staff and thus make them comprehensible for everyone involved.
  • Visualize the relationships in your organization as a system modell in cause and effect diagrams. Use the model as a basis for ■ Communication ■ Analysis ■ Documentation ■ Presentation and ■ Simulation
  • The models generated with HERAKLIT precisely fit the needs of your organization, your sector and your market places.


The method and software has proven itself in numerous consultancies and executive trainings. HERAKLIT is an innovative thinking, learning and working tool for experience-based business intelligence.

  • Effective management of complexity
    The ever-growing complexity in business can only be tackled if employees develop,  through constant training, appropriate patterns of action which allow you to achieve the strategic objectives despite „fault events“.
  • Efficient decision making
    Using simulation side and long-term effects as well as feedback loops become transparent. You improve your estimates of the impacts in a complex environment and you are able to handle them with more ease.
  • Improved abilities for problem solving
    Lateral thinking is teamwork. Thus, usually the development of a strategic model begins with the exchange of perspectives and cross-departmental evaluations. With dynamic scorecards HERAKLIT supports the collective goal setting and the development of shared, transparent solutions.


As with a flight simulator strategies and enterprise scenarios, developed by you and your team, may be tested and evaluated. An easy-to-use interface allows you to load models and scenarios. After clicking on the „Start“ button, sit in the „cockpit“ and simulate your decisions and future plans in up to 200 rounds. The overall performance, the balanced scorecard and your budget … all of your issues constantly in view.

The event manager of the cockpit triggers the actions you specified, starts random, time and condition-based events and informs of critical states drawing on early warning indicators. Use the AutoPlay feature to observe the dynamics of your business, so you can determine how your business would develop without steering interventions.


  • Model: connectivity management of stakeholders – Links to media and any kind of documents (including Internet) – documentation of all model data – Free color and formatting – Free choice of size and arrangement of background graphics – formulation aids – users own image
  • Elements: Definition of steerable elements – Free weighting for the Balanced Scorecard – Simple entry of elements description and states – condition-dependantics – self-driven dynamics
  • Relations: Choice of intensity and delay – Simple entry of table functions – Entering your own formulas
  • Evaluations: Priority list – Trace paths for the impact of chances – feedback loops impact analysis – Cross Impact matrix – State comparisons – System / Correlation history diagrams graph
  • Simulation : Simple entry of changes of state – action triggering – Auto play – Status of the total performance – Visualization of element’s state – Dynamic axis scale – State curves for each element – Step-by-step observation of the simulation
  • Scenario Manager: Any number of scenarios per model – Lists of effects for each event – Different start situations – Time, condition and random based events – event networks (subsequent events) – Early warning indicators – Different end criteria – Auto play of images and sound files – Event logging

Are you interested in HERAKLIT?

The HERAKLIT software has been completely revised and its range of functions extended.
The further distribution takes place under the name simcision.